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Iskra Lawrence Opens Up Weight Loss On New Post Instagram: ‘We Are All Over Our Bodies’

“At a time when all we see is obesity undermining the whole daily process we have experienced,” said the model and 31-year-old mother.


Iskra Lawrence focuses on what she has weighed down over the years – and with a sense of resilience. Currently, you are spreading that physical message to other people.

On October 19, the 31-year-old model posted two of her photos on Instagram: one was taken in 2015 and the other this year. In both pictures, Lawrence is depicted as sitting on a bed with his arms outstretched. “She’s weighed down from the big picture but she feels empowered because she knows she’s beyond her size,” Lawrence said as a photo editor in the caption below.


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That is the message he has for those who are devoted to him: find a deeper meaning than your appearance on the screen or a number on the scale.

“At a time when everything we see to gain weight contradicts the whole daily process we have experienced,” writes Lawrence, who invited her first child in April 2020. I have made many decisions over the years about my body size – especially after pregnancy. a list of various things I have found in continuing to live. “


He went on to specify the most advanced value in his life because he could not care about the number on the scale. “Not being overwhelmed by the fear of obesity or losing weight due to recovery has allowed me to achieve so much more,” Lawrence points out.

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“Maybe you haven’t been there yet. Maybe you can still see your weight when you look in the mirror or hear what your body has to say about the power of various compliments about who you are. You can come and go,” he said. he continued. “Keep thinking about everything you find that doesn’t make you your weight / appearance, record your diary or post on your screen. Also, start finding ways to compliment yourself as well as other people who can be based on your appearance.”

He even placed three slides behind him next to each other to compliment 15 personal, non-visual recommendations, including:

He is an old friend. I love that you always support me, it means a lot.

He has a very good sense of humor. It makes everyone around you laugh.

I love how strong you are with the things you care about.

I love how you feel about other people.

I truly respect and love how you received.

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He also said he hoped the thoughts of praise would inspire us to change the conversation about who we are, not how we look alike.

His followers were moved by the message and his leadership, leaving words like: “A screenshot was made for you to read over and over again,” “You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing this,” and “this !!! Thank you so much for accomplishing this task and giving it to us!”

To finish his work, Lawrence gave this review: “We are so much more than our bodies. As you go through life appreciate every moment you gather that makes you what you are today.”

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“We older women have to prove ourselves. Slam our hands holding the table and shouting that I’m here,” said the model, 56.

It doesn’t matter if you share her untouched photos or do physical fights, Paulina Porizkova’s proud way of dealing with advanced physical confidence in people of any age has strengthened her voice as a supporter of physical strength. This week, he did it again. In the meantime, he is responding to the caller’s call for consideration.

On October 18, the 56-year-old model shared a photo of herself on Instagram lying on her bed exposed, immersed in a sea of ​​white sheets. In the text below, he explained the importance of rest. “It is the most remarkable creature in humanity. It is not fire, it is not a wheel, it is not a pre-cut bread … There is no doubt that, without a doubt, it is obvious – SENIOR CERTIFICATE,” he said. “At the moment I am convinced that this is the true meaning of people who live longer these days. you are there! “

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The vast majority of his followers agreed with his understanding or commented on his appearance. “I agree mattresses are amazing, but the biggest human action could be you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” said one person. “I’m not too young for you, but I still want to be you when I grow up!” “Love this photo – ❤️You are beautiful and walk in me as I grow up beautifully as a 57 year old man,” said one person.

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