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Teacher reads to students live on Facebook 1 Day After Brain Surgery: ‘I Wanted To See You’

I just need you to see that I love you and remember you, “K.K Meucci, a Grade 4 teacher in Pennsylvania, told her students during a Facebook Live video.

A Pennsylvania-based teacher had his students under his control while he was recovering from cerebrum treatment.

Just a day after going on a journey to end cerebrum growth, K. Meucci – a Grade 4 teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Bethel Park – never missed a news session with her online comprehension session and appeared on Facebook Live to help her students, reports WTAE-TV.

Meucci had founded the Facebook bunch years ago as another way for teachers and students to get together by reading bedtime stories together, according to a news source.

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“Obviously I pressed the book,” Meucci said in a Facebook Live video shot in the emergency room bed Thursday. “I realized I would be here Thursday night, so I pressed a letter from the library.”

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The letter Meucci decided on the occasion was Mr. Walker Steps Out by Lisa Graff, a youth story around a captive man living inside a box of robots.

Appearing on Facebook Live, in addition to the fact that Meucci hoped that his students would receive a pledge with a text message to discover the value of humanity in the world, he also needed them to clearly see the value they intended for him and for.

“Most of all, I needed to see you [you] to see if I was okay. I look surprised, but I needed you to see and see that I was okay,” she told her readers in the video. “I just need you to realize that I love you and miss you.”

Meucci told WTAE-TV that experts agree to rule out every bit of her cancer, saying it’s “safe.”

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Last week, Meucci underwent a medical procedure to remove the metal, which he said was “harmless”, and is currently recovering on Pittsburgh TV.

The day after her medical procedure, Meucci returned to what she loved: reading to her students. In her clinic bed, the teacher read to the children a book on her Facebook bunch, Franklin Bedtime Stories.

“I’m sorry if I look strange, I can see I look strange. I found this injured eye here because they re-opened my head here to get my brain cancer out,” he explained.

He also made an act of promising his students that he would return to school soon.

“Especially I needed to see you, to see that I was fine. I look surprised, but I needed you to see and see that I was healthy,” he said.

Meucci said experts thought they had a chance to get all the cancer and that she was still recovering, the WTAE reported.

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